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See what happens when Data Import encounters Optimistic Locking in Inventory



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      This scenario works for when a user is second to edit/save.
      For a scenario where Data Import is the second to edit/save, not sure yet how to set up that scenario; would be a very short amount of time that DI is editing/saving the record, and it's not predictable

      NOTE: Confirm that Optimistic locking is ENABLED for Inventory before working on this


      1. That Data Import will not break when it encounters optimistic locking in Inventory
      2. What error messages are generated

      How to trigger OL:

      1. Import the attached MARC record, using the Default - Create Instance and MARC Bib profile
      2. Once imported, go to Inventory and find the Instance
      3. Manually create a holdings record attached to the instance, only filling in the permanent location (select one from the dropdown list)
      4. Manually create an item record attached to that holdings, only filling in:
        • Barcode: BC764237825
        • Material type: select one from the dropdown list
        • Permanent loan type: Can circulate
      5. Go to Settings/Data Import and create the following profiles:
        • Match profile
          • Name: 901 to barcode
          • Match incoming MARC Bib to Item
          • Incoming MARC Bib: field: 901, both indicators blank, subfield a
          • Exactly matches
          • Item record field: Barcode
        • Field mapping profile
          • Name Update item record
          • Incoming record type: MARC Bib
          • FOLIO record type: Item
          • Temporary loan type: select Course reserves from the dropdown list
        • Action profile
          • Name: Update item record
          • Action: Update
          • FOLIO record type: Item
          • And link the field mapping profile to it
        • Job profile
          • Name: Update item record
          • Attach match profile 901 to barcode
          • For matches, take action Update item
      6. Go back to Inventory and search for the item record with barcode BC764237825
      7. View that item record and select Actions/Edit, so that the item record is in edit mode
      8. Add a statistical code to the item record. DO NOT save the item record - just leave it in edit mode.
      9. In a separate window, go to Data Import
      10. Import the attached MARC file, using the Update item job profile that you just created
      11. Go to Inventory and review the item record, to see which changes were retained (the manual statistical code, or the imported temp loan type, or none, or both)
      12. Review any responses from Inventory and document them on this Jira

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