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Action profiles that have been unlinked from job profiles sometimes reappear



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      Overview: If a user is creating or editing a job profile, and links an action profile, then unlinks it, sometimes it does not unlink.

      Current workaround Inspect your created/edited job profile carefully after Save, and re-edit/re-unlink/re-save if necessary.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load, Iris bugfest, Perf env (I noticed this when I was building many, many profiles for PTF, and sometimes linked incorrect or extra action profiles to a job profile.
      2. Go to Settings/Data Import
      3. Create a few action profiles. They do not need field mapping profiles.
      4. Go to Job profiles and create a new job profile or edit an existing job profile
      5. Link several action profiles to the job profile (either under a match or not - doesn't matter)
      6. Then unlink all except 1 or 2 action profiles
      7. Save
      8. Review the Detail view of the job profile

      Expected Results: The user only sees the action profiles that were NOT unlinked from the job profile

      Actual Results: Sometimes one or two of the unlinked ones show in the detailed view. When you edit the profile, they show as linked in the edit view. When you delete them a second or third time and save the updated profile, they finally disappear from the Detail view. I wonder if the Save happens before FOLIO is finished disconnecting the unlinked profiles.

      Additional Information: See attached video

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