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UI: Create jobs with match profiles that include records with 999 fields cause errors in the srs-instance relationship



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      A-M cloned this and asked about UI check to keep user from creating illogical jobs, but that was before Jenn explained her job profile better. Do we really need this?

      This clones MODDATAIMP-426 and will be used for any needed UI changes. BLOCKED until decision from DI Subgroup

      Workaround: Delete the 999 ff before importing

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO snapshot
      2. Create a data import job that has a match profile set up to create only new records. Match on HRID for instance.
      3. Import a file of records using that job that has been previously exported from FOLIO so that the records have 999 fields from the FOLIO you are using.

      Expected Results:
      Data import takes no action because all the HRIDs match existing records. The records behave normally.

      Hi jenncolt and OleksiiKuzminov - please see the long comment below and the attached files

      • MODDATAIMP-426.mrc is the original MARC file to be imported
      • MODDATAIMP-426export.mrc is the MARC file after it was exported from snapshot-load
      • MODDATAIMP-426.mp4 (2 parts) is the video walking through the whole process

      Actual Results:
      The link between the instance and the SRS for the records in your import file is broken.. The SRS can no longer be edited in Quick MARC.

      TestRail: Results


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