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protection fields in field mapping profile only lists 10



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      Overview: When we have more than 10 fields protected in MARC field protection Settings, only 10 appear for override in the field mapping profile (bibliographic, updates), with no option to scroll.

      Current workaround: no workaround

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot as diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings, Data import, MARC field protection
      3. Create more than 10 locally-defined field protections (see attached list for examples)
      4. Go to: Settings, Data Import, Field Mapping Profile, Actions = New
      5. Select FOLIO record type Bibliographic, Field Mappings for MARC = Updates
      6. Override protected field options populate below

      Expected Results: List of all User-created protected fields should display with check-boxes for override.

      Actual Results: 10 user-created fields appear with no scroll bar to move further down the list.

      Additional Information: Duke currently has 18 user-created protected fields (attached) that need to appear here; list is expected to grow.

      Will plan to display all rows as part of this ticket. abreaux checking with SMEs to see if we need to have a "display more" for settings or field mapping profile if more than 100 rows. (probably should display them all regardless)

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