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Cannot view log for OCLC Single record import jobs



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      Overview: OCLC single record import jobs show up on the Data Import View all log screen, but the user cannot click on it to see what happened in SRS or Inventory.

      Steps to Reproduce: 

      1. See MODDATAIMP-370 for steps to import a few records into Inventory from OCLC
      2. After importing a few, go to Data Import
      3. Check to see if any jobs are stuck in the Running area. If there are, cancel them and wait for them to disappear
      4. Click View all at the top right of the screen, to view the entire log list
      5. Click on any of the jobs that used the profile OCLC - Default create instance or OCLC - Default update instance

      Expected Results: On the View all log page, any job without a file name should show a label of No file name in the file name column. User should be able to click that and then see the job summary with only 1 record in the list, and then be able to click on it to see the MARC and Instance JSON info

      Actual Results: Cannot click on the job.

      See attached video

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