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Invoice field mapping profile: Adjust vendor reference number



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      Purpose: Update the field mapping profile for Invoices to rearrange the Invoice line information data elements, and make the vendor reference number a paired, repeatable field.

      As a staff person working with Data Import
      I want to be able to map multiple vendor reference numbers and types into the field mapping profile
      So that I can account for multiple types of vendor reference numbers sent in invoices


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Data Import field mapping profile Create/Edit screen for Invoices
        • When viewing the Invoice line information accordion
        • Then make the following adjustments
          • First row: Description (stays as-is)
          • Second row: PO Line number, Invoice line number, Invoice line status (remove Vendor ref no)
          • Third row (new): Add Vendor reference number and Vendor reference type as paired, repeatable fields
            • Display starts with only a label and "Add vendor reference number" button
            • No need for the repeatable field Action button, since this is always creating new invoice lines, so always will be "add to existing"
            • When button is clicked, add two paired fields:
              • Vendor reference number (free text)
              • Vendor reference type (dropdown list - see accepted values in screenshot below)
              • Trash can, so that the row can be removed
          • Fourth-Sixth rows: Starting with Subscription info the rest of the accordion stays as-is
      2. Scenario 2 Cannot be tested until UIDATIMP-783 is completed
        • Given the Data Import field mapping profile View detail screen for Invoices
        • When viewing the Invoice line information accordion
        • Then make the corresponding adjustments to the Vendor reference number and type fields, so that they are viewed as a table with rows for repeated mappings
      3. Scenario 3
        • Ensure this story passes Accessibility testing
      4. Scenario 4
        • Ensure automated testing coverage for this new code is 80% plus and confirm with screenshot

      See attached screenshots

      Needs backend story to adjust schema, and adjust POL matching Probably not needed, if UI sends correct info to backend. Ruslan will doublecheck

      To link to POL:
      1. Try to match on POL. If single match, link the invoice line. If no or multiple matches, go to 2.
      2. Try to match on any Vendor Ref Number (ignore vendor ref number type?). If any 1 number matches a Vendor Ref number on a POL as a single match, link the invoice line. If no or multiple matches, load the invoice line as unlinked (can we flag as no match versus multiple matches?)

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          2. Revised Invoice Line Info Accordion.PNG
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          3. Vendor Ref type - Accepted values.PNG
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