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Log lite: Import job summary for EDIFACT invoices



    • Folijet Sprint 110, Folijet Sprint 111, Folijet Sprint 112
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    • R1 2021 Bug Fix


      Purpose: To provide a lite summary for an EDIFACT invoice import

      As a staff person importing EDIFACT invoices via Data Import
      I want to see a summary of the actions taken for the records in the file
      So that I can be aware of successful imports and errors


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Data Import Landing page or "View all" page
        • When a user clicks on a file name in the list of completed jobs
        • And the file was an EDIFACT invoice file
        • Then take them to the standard job summary page (as described in UIDATIMP-762), but with the following differences:
          • Header
            • Invoice icon
            • followed by the file name
          • Subheader
            • [n] records found, where n= number of invoice lines across all invoices in the file
          • Record number in the first column is made of 2 parts
            • Invoice number (from the BGM+380 segment)
            • followed by a hyphen
            • followed by the Invoice line number (from the LIN+[n] segment)
            • If there are multiple invoices included in the same file, then the invoice line numbers begin with 1 for each additional invoice number. Attached EDI file includes 3 invoices, with a total of 37 lines
          • Title column
            • Use the Description from the invoice line
      2. Scenario 2
        • Given the EDIFACT invoice log summary page
        • When a particular invoice line or its invoice had an error
        • Then display ERROR in the error column.
        • NOTE: This means if there is only an error at the invoice level, all invoice lines for that invoice will display ERROR in the error column
      3. Scenario 3
        • Ensure this story passes Accessibility testing
      4. Scenario 4
        • Ensure automated testing coverage for this new code is 80% plus and confirm with screenshot

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