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Create data import settings page's 3rd pane for Action Profiles



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      Purpose: To be able to create and save action profiles, so that they can be applied to saved and ad hoc job profiles used in Data Import

      As a staff person
      I want to be able to create and store action profiles for the Data Import app
      So that I can assemble them, along with matching and mapping profiles in various configurations of job profiles
      And so that I do not have to reconstruct these configurations every time I import a new file


      • This story is only for creating the outline of the action profile pane on the settings screen. There will be additional stories for creating the create/edit screens for actions and for the detailed configuration of actions.

      Live prototype:

      Brief video walk-through
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/3slcv4v49qm92rv/2018-11-06-data-import-19.mp4?dl=0 (see 4:10-5:10 in the video)


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Data Import Settings
        • When a User clicks the Action profiles setting in the second pane
        • Then the Action profiles option in the second pane should turn grey with white text and
        • A third pane should open, displaying a list of the existing action profiles
        • As shown in attachment 60-Settings Action profiles.png
      2. Scenario 2
        • Given the Action profiles third pane
        • When displaying the pane
        • Then the format of the pane should be as follows, as shown in attachment 60-Settings Action profiles.png
          • Header: [action profile icon] followed by Action profiles followed by a down caret [No action for now - action is covered by UIDATIMP-13]
          • Subheader: # profiles, where # is the number of action profiles in the results list
          • New button on right side of header [No action for now - action is covered by UIDATIMP-138]
          • Top of results list: search box [No action for now - action is covered by UIDATIMP-166]
          • Results list column headers
            • Check box [No action for now - action is covered by future story]
            • Name
            • Action
            • Mapping
            • Tags
            • Updated
            • Updated by
          • Results list data elements per row (alternating rows in white and grey)
            • Check box [No action for now - action is covered by future story]
            • Action profile icon followed by action profile name
            • FOLIO record icon followed by CRUD icon followed by brief action description comprised of the CRUD action and the record type, e.g. Create order or Update instance; should be in sentence case, so record type is lower-case, except MARC is always all-caps, e.g. Combine MARC holdings
              • Actions
                • Combine
                • Create
                • Modify
                • Replace
                • [will add Delete, and maybe Add tags/Add comments in the future]
              • Record Types
                • Instance
                • Holdings
                • Item
                • MARC bibliographic
                • MARC holdings
                • MARC authority
                • Order
                • Invoice
            • Mapping icon followed by the associated Mapping profile name [each action profile will only ever be associated with one mapping profile]
            • Tags icon followed by tags; multiple tags are separated by comma [space], e,g. first, second, third
            • Edit pencil icon followed by most recent update date
            • User icon followed by most recent updater's name (firstname lastname) and username in parentheses, e.g. John Doe (johndoe)
          • Default sort order should be alphabetical A-Z by profile name
          • User should be able to sort and reverse sort by clicking on any of the column headers
          • End of list component (icon and wording)


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