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Data import settings page's 3rd pane for File Extensions: Save the new file extension



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      Purpose: To be able to create new settings for handling various types of file extensions. This setting will allow a user to indicate whether an extension represents a particular type of file or files, and whether a file type should be excluded from data import.

      As a staff person
      I want to be able to save the file extensions that I have created (finishes the creation story UIDATIMP-56)
      So that they appear in the list of acceptable/unacceptable file extensions

      Live prototype:

      Brief video walk-through
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/3slcv4v49qm92rv/2018-11-06-data-import-19.mp4?dl=0 (see 4:10-5:10 in the video)


      1. Scenario 1 A-M: I'm getting the unsaved changes modal, but the file extension is actually saved. Will create a separate bug for it. (UIDATIMP-155)
        • Given the New file extensions screen
        • If a User has filled in all required fields and presses the "Create" button
        • Then the record should be saved
        • And the details screen closed
        • And the user returned to the File extensions list (with the new file extension in the list), and with the Fourth pane details showing for the newly-created file extension, as per attached 05-Settings File extensions File extension detailsRev1.png
      2. Scenario 2
        • Given the attempt to save
        • If the file extension is valid (starts with a period, no problem characters like slashes or spaces)
        • Then save the record
      3. Scenario 3
        • Given the attempt to save
        • If the file extension is not valid
        • Then do not save the new file extension
        • And display a red "Please enter a valid file extension" message under the file extension field
        • And keep the user to the editing screen to correct the data
      4. Scenario 4 See screenshot, attached
        • Given the attempt to save
        • If the new file extension duplicates an existing file extension
        • Then do not save the record
        • And display a red unsuccessful toast: New record not created: File extension [file extension] already exists
      5. Scenario 5 See screenshot, attached
        • Given the attempt to save
        • If there is a communication issue with the backend, and the save is not successful
        • Then display a red unsuccessful toast: New record not created: Communication problem with server. Please try again

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