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Data Import Field Mapping Profile View: Invoice and Invoice line from EDIFACT Invoice



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      Purpose: To display the details of the Invoice field mapping profile that was created (same general format as all other field mapping profiles)

      As a staff person creating field mapping profiles
      I want to view the profile that was created or updated
      So that I can understand the mappings covered by this profile


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Data Import field mapping profile
        • When viewing the saved profile after it has been created or updated, then display as follows
          • Full screen display, like other field mapping profile views
          • None of the data is editable from this screen
          • Header
            • Field mapping profile icon, followed by the name of the field mapping profile
          • Sub-header: Field mapping profile
          • Standard action button at top right with options for Edit, Duplicate, and Delete
          • First accordion: Summary
            • Accordion open
            • Metadata accordion for the created by/date and updated by/date, with accordion closed
            • Name of the profile
            • Incoming record type (will be EDIFACT for these
            • FOLIO record type (will be Invoice for these)
          • Tags accordion, closed if no tags assigned, open if tags assigned
          • Details accordion - open, with collapse all/expand all option at the right side of the screen, so that the various accordions for the details can be collapsed or expanded
          • Header under the details accordion: Field mapping followed by a dot, followed by Invoice
          • Line below that
          • Then the various accordions of the invoice field mapping profile, all open, and displayed with the field labels and layout as described in UIDATIMP-296
            • Configure the display of the various fields in the same order and accordions as in the Create/Edit screen
            • Handling for each type of field:
              • Not mappable: display the null sign
              • Mappable, but unmapped: display the hyphen
              • Mapped: display the mapping information; if it's default data rather than an EDIFACT mapping, display that in quotation marks
              • Checkboxes: use standard format to display as checked or unchecked
              • Repeatable fields: do not display the repeatable action below the field name, since the action will always be "Add to existing"
          • Line below that
          • Associated action profiles accordion

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