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Create data import settings page's 4th pane for File Extension Details



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      Purpose: To be able to see the details for a particular file extension setting in a fourth pane .

      As a staff person
      I want to be able to select a particular file extension setting in the 3rd pane results and display its details in a new 4th pane
      So that I can understand the scope of the particular setting

      Live prototype:

      Brief video walk-through
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/3slcv4v49qm92rv/2018-11-06-data-import-19.mp4?dl=0 (see 4:10-5:10 in the video)


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the File extension details fourth pane
        • When displaying the pane
        • Then the format of the pane should be as follows
          • Header: The name of the file extension, followed by a down caret [no action with the down caret yet - will be in another story]
          • Subheader: "File extension"
          • Button on right side of header with text "Edit" [No action for now - action is covered by future story]
          • X on the left side of the header, which allows the pane to be closed (and return to the larger 3rd pane results list format)
          • Horizontal line
          • Name of file extension, in large font
          • Standard record metadata component, showing last updated date & user, created date & user A-M: see Alex's comment below about no "by" when it is created/updated by the system
          • Label: Description, with the description text below it. If there is no description text, insert "-" as data to show it is blank
          • Label: File extension, with the file extension data below it
          • Next to the file extension: Label: Data type(s), with the relevant data type(s) below it, in alphabetical order, separated by comma [space]
          • OR
          • Checkbox with Block import checked
            • Note If "Block import" is checked, then show the Block import checkbox and suppress Data type(s) data element. If "Block import" is not checked, then suppress the Block import checkbox and show the Data type(s) data element.
          • End of record icon and text

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