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Field mapping: Instance, Holding, Item: Repeatable fields don't retain/display multiple values properly



    • Folijet Sprint 91, Folijet Sprint 92
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    • Folijet
    • Q2 2020


      Overview:When I add multiple rows to a repeatable field in an Instance, Holdings, or Item field mapping profile in a Create profile screen, only the last mapping is retained and displays in the View or Edit version of the field mapping profile

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Settings/Data import/Mapping profiles
      2. Create a new field mapping profile for Incoming record = MARC Bibliographic and FOLIO record = Holdings
      3. Find the Former holdings identifier field
        • Select action: Add these to existing
        • Add 3 rows to that field, with a different value in each row
      4. Find the Statistical codes field
        • Select action: Add these to existing
        • Add 3 rows to that field, and select a different value from the dropdown list for each row
      5. Save the profile
      6. Inspect those fields in View profile details
      7. Edit the profile and inspect those fields

      Expected Results: 3 rows should show, each with a different field mapping value

      Actual Results: Only the value from the last mapping shows, with 2 rows of dashes instead of the other mappings

      Additional Information: See attached video

      NOTE Review and confirm for all repeatable fields for Instance, Holdings, and Item field mapping screens

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