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Data Import landing page post-v1: add data/communication error handling DRAFT



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      Purpose: Add standard handling to top and bottom sections of first pane when they are waiting on data

      Formatting still TBD

      from Oleksandr Yehorov: In scope of UIDATIMP-27 I have implemented data fetching form backend and continuous data updates each 5 seconds and everything seems to be fine but not quite. As you know for now we are not handling some bad cases like lost internet connection, errors on server or any other stuff like that. Would be good to have scenarios and mockups for that. For now I made it to just show the last successfully retrieved data and it works fine in most cases. However, if it becomes not possible to fetch data at all for any reasons then the page will just look stopped. It seems for me that we need to let users know that something is going wrong. I think we need to have a separate story for that in future.

      The preloader (“*** Loading...“) is only showed before first data comes and there is no additional preloaders while updating the data. Job logs, running jobs and preview jobs are connected and while updating data it updates only if all the data was retrieved successfully for all of them so probably it should be added in the story.

      From Slack August 2019: have a way to kill jobs that stay in progress forever or that were started by accident. (does this belong with the "back out" feature UXPROD-1383?)

      A-M questions to designers and POs on Slack:
      Hi all - another behavior that I;m trying to figure out whether it's consistent across apps and whether it's documented in our UX guidelines. When FOLIO is waiting for data, I see a few different behaviors:
      1. When a search results pane is waiting for results (because I entered a search term or picked a filter), you'll see "[three dots] Loading..." and then the results fill in. It goes by quickly, but you can see it in the search results pane of Users or Inventory.
      2. When you pick a record to display its details, you'll see just the three dots flashing, while the system is waiting for data to fill in. You'll see that when trying to display a user record or an instance record, or in a specific accordion, e.g. the user detail record is waiting on additional info such as the number of loans or the number of fines.
      It's hard to capture in a screenshot since it goes by pretty quickly, and I don't have my video editing software on my new laptop yet, so I can't grab it that way.

      My questions:
      1. Do we have a standard policy and language for these situations? Just copy the behavior I'm seeing in Users and Inventory?
      2. Do we have language or modals for more specific error messages like "lost internet connection", "errors on server" or any other stuff like that?

      It would be great if we could document on the UX site if we should be applying these consistently.

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