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Does not show proper app label in app bar when locale is changed to Arabic



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      Overview: See attached screenshot - cboerema was working in folio-snapshot-stable earlier today, and saw this oddity with the Data Import app name (as well as some other things, but this is the only bit related to Data Import). She investigated more and discovered it was related to the locale being set to Arabic.

      My understanding of the localization behavior is that it's supposed to use wording for the language of the locale (if that wording exists in the underlying code), otherwise default to the text of the US English base locale. You can get a little more info from the notes on the SIG's wiki page (https://wiki.folio.org/display/I18N/SIG-I18N+Meeting+Tasks+and+Notes), plus the UXPROD-779 Epic in Jira, and the features linked to it. There's also a not-very-active #i18n Slack channel you might want to join, where some talk of translation has happened. Best resource is some of the other UI devs who may have already dealt with this.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-stable as diku_admin
      2. Make sure the locale is set to Arabic (by going to Settings/Organization/Language and localization, and changing it to Arabic). Change it back to whatever it was after you have reviewed!
      3. Look for the Data Import app and name in the main app bar at the top of the page

      Expected Results: If there is no Arabic translation, the US English app name of *Data Import *should appear (the same behavior as for other apps and their names)

      Actual Results: The user sees ui-data-import.meta-title

      Additional Information: See screenshot, attached

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