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Field Mapping Profile details: MARC Bib from MARC Bib 11 - UI Validation - DRAFT



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      Thsi one needs discussion. A lot of the logic/validation is covered in the individual stories. Is it useful to have a comprehensive listing detailed here as well?

      Purpose: To validate the UI input for the details of the Create/Edit screen for the MARC record modifications field mapping profile

      As a staff person importing MARC records
      I want FOLIO to validate data entered into the field mapping profile details for MARC records
      So that I can make fewer mistakes

      "MODIFY" is a special action in Data Import that only applies to MARC records. MODIFY action profiles can be at the beginning, middle, and/or end of a job profile tree. For example, as a first action, a library might want to add a proxy to the URLs in MARC 856 fields in an incoming file, then create instances and other records, and then as a last action, remove certain 9xx fields from the MARC records before saving the final versions of the MARC records in SRS.

      The structure of the MARC Modification field mapping profiles (a special type of field mapping profile) will be laid out in a sequence of user stories, all covered under Feature UXPROD-2286. Details for the entire screen are covered in https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_WJ_RNhxnkHcIK_zvXxNKVW4qRwjG0kXaagA519S46w

      This eleventh one covers the required UI validation for the Create/Edit screen

      • If saving, must be something selected for an action for each row and a MARC field in each row; otherwise error the row
      • MARC field can have 3 numbers, LDR or 006 or 007 or 008/2 character position (6 chars total), LDR or 006 or 007 or 008/2 char-2 char (9 chars total)
      • Other validation for add
      • Other validation for delete
      • Other validation for move
      • Other validation for move

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