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Fix Match Profile regressions



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      EPAM BatchLoader Sprint 36, EPAM BatchLoader Sprint 37
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      Overview: Several problems with match profile regressions

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot as diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings/Data import/Match profiles
      3. Create a new match profile
      4. Make it match a MARC holdings against a MARC holdings
      5. In the MARC field section for matching from and matching to, use field 850, no indicators, subfield b
      6. In both the Incoming and Existing sections, check "Use a qualifier", select "Contains" and add values 12345
      7. In both the Incoming and Existing sections, check "Only compare part of the value" and select Numerics only
      8. For the Match criterion, pick "Existing value begins with incoming value"
      9. Save the profile
      10. View the details of the profile by selecting it from the list of match profiles
      11. For an existing match profile (like KB ID in 935), click on it to view its details, and then click Edit to edit its details. Check the Incoming/Existing sections for data.

      Expected Results: I should be able to create the profile, save it and view the details

      Actual Results:

      1. On the Create/Edit screens, I cannot get the dropdowns for Use a qualifier, Only compare part of the value, and Match criterion to keep the values I selected. fixed
      2. On the "View details" screen, I cannot see the details for any of the sections of the profile - the MARC fields or any of the checkbox/dropdown choices. This is also the case for all existing match profiles. If you look at the Edelweiss environment, you can see them, so this is definitely a regression. fixed
      3. When I click edit for the newly-created profile or any existing profiles, I'm not seeing the details in the Incoming/Existing sections, so it seems like the details are not being saved properly. fixed

      Additional Information: See attached videos

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