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Data Import field mapping profile details: Repeatable field dropdown component



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      Purpose: To create the repeatable field dropdown component used in the field mapping profile details

      This component (and the other similar ones) must be implemented as regular components decorator.
      This means the following requirements:

      1. Any generic <RepeatableField> on the form can be decorated / augmented with Mapping Actions dropdown selector.
      2. FlexibleForm renderer should detect repeatable: true property presence in the particular field config block (taken from form config object for this field) and wrap this repeatable field control with the subject decorator.
      3. This decorator should bring the subject dropdown list that should be attached to the subject repeatable field block above right of it.
      4. Dropdown list should look and feel like the subject field's subcomponent.
      5. Dropdown list should contain actions list taken from mappingActions config object for repeatable control type in mappingDetails form data field.
      6. This decorator should augment the subject component with mappingActionSelected event listener that should listen to dropdown's onSelect event to pick up the value selected in the dropdown and fill the subject component's mappingAction field with it.


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the repeatable field dropdown component used for the field mapping profile details
        • When a user views it
        • Then it should look and act like this:
          • "Add [field label] button will appear below the field label name. When pressed, it will add one or more repeatable fields to the form
          • This new "repeatable field mapping" dropdown above the top right of the field
          • Dropdown should appear regardless of whether there are fields there or not (since one of the options is to Delete all existing values) See UIDATIMP-507
          • Dropdown should have the following options:
            • Add these to existing [make this the top, default value] See UIDATIMP-508
            • Delete all existing values
            • Delete all existing and add these
            • Find and remove these
          • If there are multiple rows (user pressed Add multiple times), the "repeatable field mapping" dropdown only appears once, at the top right of the whole bloc
          • Note that some repeatable field buttons actually add several related fields (e.g. "Electronic access" button adds 5 related fields). There will only be one "repeatable field mapping" dropdown for the whole bloc of related fields
      2. Scenario 2
        • Ensure automated testing coverage for this new code is 80% plus and confirm with screenshot

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