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Data import settings page's 4rd pane for Match Profiles: Create Match Profiles Form renderer



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      Umbrella - will break this into several UI stories, plus link backend stories that are needed

      Purpose: To be able to create the details of the match profile

      As a staff person
      I want to be able to create the details of the match profile
      So that I can show the matches that will be taken on new or existing records in various FOLIO apps

      NOTE: See attached 20-Match workflow.png for overview of how the details for Create/Edit match profiles will be organized

      Story involves taking existing config and renderer and enhance them with

      • Add the confirmation modals that react to the config
      • Put correctly structured field naming into the renderer
      • Add existing validation methods into renderer so that they can be used


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Data Import Settings Match profiles
        • When a User clicks the New button in the third pane
        • Then the New match profile screen should open
      2. Scenario 2
        • Given the New match profile screen
        • When a User views the screen with no edits
        • Then they should see the existing screen (New match profile screen - Current.PNG) plus the following changes
          • The new sticky Cancel/Save bar at the bottom of the screen instead of the Save button at the top right of the screen (see UIDATIMP-238 for details)
          • And the Details section as laid out in Scenario 3
      3. Scenario 3
        • Given the Details section of the New match profile screen
        • Create it as displayed in attached 21-New match profile 01.png, 22-New match profile 02.png, and 23-New match profile 03.png
        • NOTES
          • This screen assumes a match profile for MARC bibliographic records. We may need to refine this slightly in the future, when we have more types of records to match from
          • Each of the "which type of existing record" blue bars should be a hot link, with the lines between them as shown on the wireframe. When the user clicks the existing record type, the screen changes as displayed in 22-New match profile 02.png with
            • Incoming MARC header on the left
            • MARC Bib icon and bar below it, to the left of the existing record type it is being compared to in the right column
              • Marc holdings should be MARC holdings (all caps for MARC)
            • "Compare" between the MARC Bib bar and the Existing record bar
            • "You are comparing to this record" message to the right of the existing record type bar
          • Ignore the Match metadata/Match name/Match description section of the wireframe, That's supposed to be above the record type table
          • Match criteria:
          • Incoming MARC record section
            • Field: allow 3 characters alpha and/or numeric
            • In.1: allow 1 character, alpha or numeric
            • In. 2: allow 1 character, alpha or numeric
            • Subfield: allow 1 character, alpha or numeric
          • If the user selects "Use a qualifier"
            • Mark the checkbox, and open an area that looks like 22b-Match Details-Qualifier section.PNG
            • Dropdown values need to be sentence case - added bug UIDATIMP-340 to fix them
              • Dropdown values in the left box (only 1 can be selected)
              • Placeholder text: Select qualifier type
              • Free text in the right box
          • If the user selects "Only compare part of the value"
            • Mark the checkbox, and open an area that looks like 22c-Match Details-Only compare part of the value.PNG with the dropdown choices as shown (only 1 can be selected)
            • Placeholder text: Select comparison type
          • Match criterion section
            • Dropdown box with choices as shown in 22d-Match Details-Match criterion.PNG (only 1 can be selected)
          • Existing [type] record section (separate story: see UIDATIMP-330)
          • Ignore the parentheses, + sign and next match section for now. This will allow for more complex boolean matches in the future (e.g. match on this field and this other). I think this story is plenty complex enough for now!
      4. Scenario 4
        • Given the New match profile screen
        • When a user has finished entering details
        • Then the Cancel/Save buttons on the sticky bar should work as detailed in UIDATIMP-238, so that the user can compete their work
      5. Scenario 5
        • Given the New match profile screen
        • When a user has unsaved changes and tries to navigate away from the page
        • The display the standard unsaved changes modal with the options to Close without saving or Keep editing
      6. Scenario 6
        • Include standard automated testing coverage; add screenshot or other details to confirm test coverage is in place

      NOTE: match metadata structure may need some updates. Tell A-M if we need to revisit any sections of it.
      NOTE: Additional backend stories required; Oleksii will define and link

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