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Summary screen for an individual import job log



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      Purpose: To supply a summary of what happened during a particular import job

      As a staff person
      I want to be able to see a summary of what happened when a file was imported
      So that I can have a general understanding of the actions taken to various records, and the amount of errors


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given 1) the middle pane of the Data Import landing page or 2) the list of import jobs on the "View all" logs screen
        • When a user clicks on the file name in the log
        • Then display a new screen as roughly shown in the attached Job summary (short term).png
          • Header
            • Top line (bold)
              • Data import icon, followed by
              • the word "Job", followed by
              • a dot, followed by
              • the job ID number, followed by
              • the job profile name in parentheses
            • Second line (not bold)
              • The word "Run" followed by
              • The date and time in the tenant's localized format, followed by
              • the word "by", followed by
              • the user name who ran the job
          • Header buttons on top right:
            • Details (UI only for now, no action; it will go to a details log screen, which is covered in UIDATIMP-321)
            • Vertical line
            • Three dots, which when clicked lead to additional options [this format is a new style, replacing the current caret structure. I'm not sure if there's a central component yet. Check with Filip or Khalilah]
              • The only additional option for now is "View server log" - when clicked this should open a new screen with the current JSON log that a user sees when they click the file name currently
        • Body
          • Text: Job ID
          • [the Job ID in large font], followed by the number of records in the imported file, in parentheses [not shown on the mockup], e.g. 12345 (100 records)
          • File name label with the file name underneath it [not shown on the mockup], e.g. 20191019CatRecs.mrc
          • Job profile label with the job profile icon and name underneath it
            • Make the job profile a hotlink; when clicked, it takes the user to the job profile's detail view in the Settings area
          • followed by the label Date with the date/time the job was run underneath
          • followed by the label Run by with the user name of the user who ran the job
            • If possible, make the user name a hotlink; when clicked, it takes the user to the user record detail view in the User app
          • Horizontal line
          • Summary accordion [default to open, but it can be closed by clicking the caret on the right]
            • A section for each FOLIO record type, in the following order (the same order as in the Action profiles dropdown)
              • Instance
              • Holdings
              • Item
              • Order
              • Invoice
              • MARC Bibliographic
              • MARC Holdings
              • MARC Authority
              • If a particular type of records were not affected, then omit that record type's section, e.g. if no Order records were created, then do not show an Order records section.
              • For each record type section, show bullet points for the following, in this order (only if 1 or more records have an action, otherwise omit)
                • [number] [record type] created [if action was create]
                • [number] [record type] replaced [if action was replace]
                • [number] [record type] updated [if action was combine]
                • [number] [record type] modified [if action was modify]
                • [number] [record type] deleted [if action was delete]
          • Horizontal line
          • Errors accordion
            • Leave blank for now; will be filled in with story UIDATIMP-322
          • End of content icon and wording
      2. Scenario 2
        • Ensure automated testing coverage for this new code is 80% plus and confirm with screenshot

      See attached screenshot

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