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Data Import landing page Scenario 11: Second Pane Layout



    • EPAM BatchLoader Sprint 3, EPAM BatchLoader Sprint 4
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      Purpose: To create the second pane of the Data Import landing page


      • This story is only for creating the screen and the in-screen functionality. Any buttons or functionality that leads to different screens will be in a subsequent story.
      • Complete list of landing page scenarios and wireframes in UIDATIMP-4
      • Review the existing Stripes components and use standard components whenever possible. If a new component is required, design as a standard Stripes component, if you think it will be useful for other screens or dev teams.
      • There are a few small wording differences between the scenarios and the wireframe. When there is a difference, follow the wording in the Jira scenario, not the wireframe.

      Scenario 11

      • Given the Data Import landing page:
      • When viewing the 2nd (center) pane
      • Then the User should see this:
        • Pane header of Logs
        • Button to the right of the pane header saying View all [no functionality behind the button yet]
        • Infinite scroll list of jobs formatted as follows:
          • A row for each of the most recent 25 imports
          • [A-M]: There's 27 in the list in folio-testing. Can you confirm it will be 25 maximum? Yes, per Viktor: Yes, this is because of mocked data. Such things eventually will be handled by the backend. I am going to ask our backend devs to update the mock data to have 25 items there and have unique Import IDs. Update: Confirmed that this is a scope of MODSOURMAN-26.
          • Every other row shaded, to allow for easy viewing
          • Column headers for the rows (left to right): File name [name of the uploaded file, including extension], then Job profile [name of the job profile], then Import ID [sequential number assigned when Import is started], then Ended running [date, time], then Run by [user name who pressed the Run button, in firstname lastname order]
          • [A-M]: Question: there's a repeated Import ID (18091) - that's just because this is fake data, right? In real life, we should never have 2 lines for the same Import ID. Confirmed by Viktor
          • List should be sortable ascending and descending by clicking on each column header.
          • [A-M]: I'll take your word for it that Job Profile and Run By columns are sorting; since all the data is the same, no real way to tell if they are changing. Per Viktor: That is true. I am going to ask our backend dev to add another Job Profile and Run By so we can eventually check this. Update: Confirmed that this is a scope of MODSOURMAN-26.
          • [A-M]: One problem: the column headers should not scroll off the top of the pane. If you look at a results list in Users or Inventory, you'll see the column headers even when scrolling way down the pane.
          • Starting (default) sort is reverse chronological order
          • In the future, there will be functionality to click on the row in the log, and go to the detail log for that particular import
            *See wireframe attached

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