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      Purpose: To create the Running jobs box in the bottom half of the first pane of the Data Import landing page


      • This story is only for creating the screen and the in-screen functionality. Any buttons or functionality that leads to different screens will be in a subsequent story.
      • Complete list of landing page scenarios and wireframes in UIDATIMP-4
      • Review the existing Stripes components and use standard components whenever possible. If a new component is required, design as a standard Stripes component, if you think it will be useful for other screens or dev teams.
      • There are a few small wording differences between the scenarios and the wireframe. When there is a difference, follow the wording in the Jira scenario, not the wireframe.

      Scenario 10a

      • Data elements in the box (job is running)
        • Job name [from the job profile], bolded
        • followed by [space] [dot] [space]
        • followed by the Import file name, including its suffix
        • Second line: Import ID [sequential number, assigned when the preview button is pressed]
        • followed by [space] [dot] [space]
        • followed by Triggered by [user name of the user who pressed the Run button, in firstname lastname order]
        • Third line: [xx] records, where xx = the total number of records in the file
        • followed by [space] [dot] [space]
        • followed by Began [time] today (if today) or [date] [time] (if prior to today)
        • Fourth line: In progress
        • Fifth line: Progress bar, followed by % [complete]

      Scenario 10b

      • Once the run is complete, add this job as the top-most line in the log (second pane) and remove the bottom-most job from the second pane (which will now be the 26th job); see UIDATIMP-29 for details of the second pane
      • Once it has been added to the log in the second pane, remove the card from this (first pane bottom section)
      • NOTE: the job should not disappear from the first pane until it's ready to appear in the second pane
      • See layout in comment below

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