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Attach a field mapping profile to an action profile that does not have one



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      Purpose: To be able to assign field mapping profiles to action profiles

      As a staff person
      I want to be able to select the field mapping profile to associate with new or existing action profiles
      So that I can create a complete Action profile


      • Separate story for disconnecting and attaching a different field mapping profile to an action profile that already has one (UIDATIMP-270) and for creating the profile picker component (UIDATIMP-272)
      • See slides 2 and 7-9 in the attached PowerPoint for wireframes


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Create/Edit views of the Action profile in Settings/Data Import/Action profiles
        • When Viewing the Associated field mapping profiles section
        • And if there is NO field mapping profile currently linked to the action profile
        • Then display a button as shown in the attached PowerPoint, slide 7
        • Button text should read: Link profile
      2. Scenario 2
        • Given the Link profile button
        • When a user clicks it
        • Then display a component search window as created in UIDATIMP-272 and displayed in PowerPoint, slide 8
          • Showing only the Field mapping profiles, with a search option
          • In this circumstance, the user should be able to select only ONE profile to attach to the action profile
      3. Scenario 3
        • Given the profile component search
        • When a user selects a field mapping profile
        • Then attach the field mapping profile to the action profile, as shown in the PowerPoint, slide 7
        • And then return the user to an edited version of the action profile
        • Showing the linked field mapping profile (using the search results format)
        • With an "unlink" icon at the right end of the row. NOTE: Unlink icon can be found here: https://ux.folio.org/storybook/?selectedKind=Icon
        • And DO NOT display the "Link profile" button at the bottom of the associated field mapping profile (since an action profile can only have one associated field mapping profile) Button is greyed out instead of suppressed but that's OK
        • With the same Save/Cancel options as normal
          • If Save is selected, save the Action profile
          • If Cancel is selected, disconnect the Field mapping profile and return the Action profile to its previous state
      4. Scenario 4
        • Once a field mapping profile is attached to an action profile, given the "Unlink" icon
        • When a user clicks it
        • Then display a standard confirmation modal formatted as follows
          • Header: Are you sure?
          • Body: Confirm that this field mapping profile will be unlinked from this action profile
          • Buttons:
            • On the left: Cancel (make this the default) [if selected, close the modal without unlinking the field mapping profile]
            • On the right: Unlink [if selected, unlink the field mapping profile, close the modal, and redisplay the "Link profile" button on the action profile Unlink confirmation modal wording is wrong - I'll add a separate bug for it.
          • I left out a couple scenarios here -
            • If the user confirms the modal, the "Save and close" button should light up and the user clicks save to close the create/edit screen and show the results list plus detail view with the updated field mapping section (with no profile)
            • And if the user tries to navigate away from the create/edit screen without saving the changes, show the standard Unsaved changes modal and behavior
            • Let me know if you want me to write a new story for these
      5. Scenario 5
        • Ensure automated testing coverage for this new code is 80% plus and confirm with screenshot
          plus and confirm with screenshot

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