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Data import settings page's 4th pane for Match Profiles: Details section of View Details Screen



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      Purpose: To be able to display the details of the match profile

      As a staff person
      I want to be able to view the details of the match profile
      So that I can understand the matches that will be taken on new or existing records in various FOLIO apps


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Data Import Settings Match profiles
        • When a User clicks an existing profile in the third pane
        • Then the profile's Detail view should open in the 4th pane
      2. Scenario 2
        • Given the Detail view in the 4th pane
        • When a User views the pane
        • Then they should see the existing screen Match profiles - existing View Details pane.PNG plus the following changes in the Details accordion:
        • Details accordion should default to open, but can be closed by clicking the accordion caret
        • Create it as displayed in attached 22-New match profile 02.png
        • NOTES
          • This screen assumes a match profile for MARC bibliographic records. We may need to refine this slightly in the future, when we have more types of records to match from
            • Incoming MARC header on the left
            • MARC Bib icon and bar below it, to the left of the existing record type it is being compared to in the right column
              • Marc holdings should be MARC holdings (all caps for MARC)
            • "Compare" between the MARC Bib bar and the Existing record bar
            • Right now, all the compare to for the sample profiles are pointing to Instance. Will it take another component to make them compare to the proper FOLIO record type? For example, the Item barcode match profile should be comparing to the FOLIO Item record Re-tested. All better now in the sample data - beeyooteeful!!
            • "You are comparing to this record" message to the right of the existing record type bar
            • Lines/connectors as indicated
          • Ignore the Match metadata/Match name/Match description section of the wireframe, That's supposed to be above the record type table
          • Match criteria: [plus its data]
          • Incoming MARC record section (show the field labels and the values, regardless of whether there is data in the field or not)
            • Field: [plus its data]
            • In. 1: [plus its data]
            • In. 2: [plus its data]
            • Subfield: [plus its data]
          • "Use a qualifier" checkbox
            • If the "Use a qualifier" checkbox is checked, then display the qualifier details
            • If the "Use a qualifier" checkbox is NOT checked, then display the unchecked checkbox, but no qualifier details
          • "Only compare part of the value"
            • If the "Only compare part of the value" checkbox is checked, then display those details
            • If the "Only compare part of the value" checkbox is NOT checked, then display the unchecked checkbox, but no details
          • Existing [type] record section:
          • There's a bug, but it may be with the "create details of match profile story. When I create a new one, no matter which one I pick, it shows I'm matching to a holdings record.I recorded a video and will send to Taras and you. Will be fixed when match profile backend is unmocked, UIDATIMP-???
            • [type] should be the record type indicated in the right hand side of the picture above (the record type being matched to), e.g. Existing instance record
            • "Use a qualifier"checkbox and details displays the same way as above
            • "Only compare part of the value" checkbox and details displays the same way as above
          • Ignore the parentheses, + sign and next match section. They are not part of the detail view.
        • Below the details section is the existing "Associated job profiles" accordion, and the "End of record" marker
      3. Scenario 3
        • Include standard automated testing coverage; add screenshot or other details to confirm test coverage is in place

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