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Create data import settings page's 4th pane for Field Mapping Profile



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      Purpose: To be able to view details for various types of field mapping profiles.

      As a staff person
      I want to be able to view the details of field mapping profiles and the action profiles they are associated with
      So that I can understand what mappings will be used when translating incoming data into FOLIO record types


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Data Import Settings Field mapping profiles 3rd pane
        • When a User clicks a particular action profile in that third pane
        • Then that profile's row should turn grey and a 4th pane should open, showing the Field mapping profile details, as shown in the attached 81c-Settings Field mapping profiles 4th pane.png
        • And the 3rd pane should have a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom, so that the user can see all of the columns of the 3rd pane. As an example, see the horizontal scroll bar in the 2nd pane of Users or Inventory when a detail record is displayed in the 3rd pane.
        • NOTE To allow room for the fourth pane, the third pane results list table format will have less space horizontally on the screen. Ideal solution is that the third pane will change to a static card format or change to the resizable, responsive card format. Based on results of UIDATIMP-161, we will not implement this responsive card design right now, but instead wait for a solution for the central component.
      2. Scenario 2
        • Given the Field mapping profile details 4th pane
        • When a User views the screen
        • Then it should appear like this
          • Header: [Field mapping profile icon] followed by [the name of this particular Field mapping profile]
          • Down caret next to name with 3 options (no functionality yet, will be handled in separate stories, UIDATIMP-?? and UIDATIMP-??); see attached 83a-Settings Field Mapping profile detail caret options.png
            • Edit, preceded by the pencil icon
            • Duplicate, preceded by the duplicate (2 boxes) icon
            • Delete, preceded by the trashcan icon (even though the mockup doesn't show the trash can)
          • Subheader: Field mapping profile
          • Edit button [text only, no pencil icon] at right of the header (no actions yet, will be handled in a separate story UIDATIMP-??)
          • Field mapping profile's name, in larger font (see wireframe)
          • First accordion header: Summary (not Basic Info, like it shows in the wireframe) [default to open]
            • Standard metadata component showing created when and by, last updated when and by
            • Incoming record type with dropdown list of these values
              • MARC bibliographic
              • MARC holdings
              • MARC authority
              • EDIFACT invoice
              • Delimited
            • FOLIO record type with dropdown list of these values
              • Instance
              • Holdings
              • Item
              • Order
              • Invoice
              • MARC bibliographic
              • MARC holdings
              • MARC authority
            • Description [free text field]
          • Second accordion header: Details (not Overview, like it shows in the wireframe) [default to open]
            • Leave this section blank for now [will contain details about the mapping from incoming record type to the specific FOLIO record type - likely a different details screen for each FOLIO record type. See UIDATIMP-??? for details
          • Third accordion header: Associated action profiles which shows action profiles that this field mapping profile is associated with [default to open; a field mapping profile can have 0 or 1 or more associated action profiles]
            • [No Options button; ignore that on the wireframe]
            • [No Search/filter box at the top of the list of action profiles; ignore that on the wireframe]
            • And for the action profile, use the action profile column icons and labels from the action profile 3rd pane, except the mapping column
              • Name
              • Action
              • Tags
              • Updated
              • Updated by
              • [No checkbox; ignore that on the wireframe]
      3. Scenario 3
        • Include standard automated testing coverage; add screenshot or other details to confirm test coverage is in place

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