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Data Import landing page Scenario 3: Menu Settings Button



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      Purpose: To create a Settings button when the Data Import icon is clicked


      • This story is only for creating the screen and the in-screen functionality. Any buttons or functionality that leads to different screens will be in a subsequent story.
      • Complete list of landing page scenarios and wireframes in UIDATIMP-4
      • Review the existing Stripes components and use standard components whenever possible. If a new component is required, design as a standard Stripes component, if you think it will be useful for other screens or dev teams.
      • There are a few small wording differences between the scenarios and the wireframe. When there is a difference, follow the wording in the Jira scenario, not the wireframe.

      Scenario 3

      • Given the Data Import icon in the landing page header:
      • When left-clicking the Data Import icon or name
      • Then the User should see an button for Settings [no functionality behind the button yet]
      • Note Per Filip: Jeffrey and Frontside have just implemented the logic that you can click on the app icon that in our design shows the menu. That means that when we get to this, we need to merge these two; when implementing, please review with Filip, John Coburn, and Jeffrey Cherewaty when implementing, to make sure it works
      • See wireframe attached

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