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Data Import landing page Scenario 2: Basic Page Layout



    • EPAM BatchLoader Sprint 1, EPAM BatchLoader Sprint 2
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      Purpose: To create the basic page layout of the landing page when opening the Data Import app


      • This story is only for creating the screen and the in-screen functionality. Any buttons or functionality that leads to different screens will be in a subsequent story.
      • Complete list of landing page scenarios and wireframes in UIDATIMP-4
      • Review the existing Stripes components and use standard components whenever possible. If a new component is required, design as a standard Stripes component, if you think it will be useful for other screens or dev teams.
      • There are a few small wording differences between the scenarios and the wireframe. When there is a difference, follow the wording in the Jira scenario, not the wireframe.

      Scenario 2

      • Given the Data Import landing page
      • When displaying the page
      • Then the basic format should be as follows:
        • Header: Standard FOLIO app header bar, with Data Import app on the left, followed by other app icons in the middle/right, additional apps tile, followed by the personal user icon (UIDATIMP-19)
        • 3 panes, consisting of
        • 1st pane: Jobs (details in a subsequent scenario)
        • 2nd pane: Logs (details in a subsequent scenario)
        • 3rd pane: Import (details in a subsequent scenario)
      • See wireframe attached
      • Note: Content for each pane will be implemented in subsequent stories.

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