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Hotlinks for created/updated records not displayed in the log



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      Overview: Sometimes the created/updated labels in the Data Import log do not display as hotlinks, like they should. I happened to encounter this today, and one cause may be new Kafka topics have to be created for the import actions, which takes extra time, and if the log is displayed too quickly, the created/updated term and the hotlink for that term may not display.

      Current workaround: Go to the Inventory or other app and search for the record directly

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot or Snapshot-2 as diku_admin
      2. Go to Data import
      3. Check all the logs for the day to see if any jobs have already run that will create orders. If yes, try the other environment, or wait until the Snapshot or Snapshot-2 environment refreshes.
      4. Go to Settings/Data import/Field mapping profiles and create the following
      5. Go to Settings/Data import/Action profiles
      6. Create action profiles and link to the 3 above field mapping profiles
      7. Go to Settings/Data import/Job profiles and create the following
      8. Go to Data import
      9. Upload the attached MARC file and assign the newly-created job profile
      10. As soon as the job finishes, click the file name hotlink at the top of the log list
      11. Check for "Created" term in SRS MARC, Instance, Holdings, Item, and Order
      12. Check for hotlinks on the "Created" term in Instance, Holdings, Item, and Order

      Expected Results: User should see "Created" for SRS MARC, Instances, Holdings, Items, Orders, and each (except SRS MARC) should be a hotlink

      Actual Results: Originally, the "Created" term was not showing for Holdings and Items. After a refresh, the terms showed, but they never became hotlinks

      Additional Information: See attached videos. It shows really clearly on Snapshot 2, and not quite as clearly on Snapshot - but it definitely reproduced on both envs

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