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Receiving value disappears from Order field mapping profile after default order line limit updated



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      Overview: Order field mapping create/edit screen lacks the Receiving workflow value after the PO lines limit setting is updated

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Navigate to "Settings" -> "Data Import" -> "Field mapping profiles"
      2. Click "Actions" -> "New" button
      3. Select "Order" option in "FOLIO record type" dropdown
      4. Fill in the required fields
        • Name: any value
        • Incoming record type: MARC Bibliographic
        • FOLIO record type: Order
        • Vendor: Click "Organization lookup", and select a vendor value, e.g. GOBI
        • Title: 245$a
        • Acquisition method: Select a value from the dropdown list
        • Order format: Select a value from the dropdown list
        • Receiving workflow: Select a value from the dropdown list
        • Currency: Select a value from the dropdown list
      5. Click "Save as profile & close"
      6. Go to "Settings" -> "Orders" -> "Purchase order lines limit"
        • Change the limit to any value
        • Click "Save"
      7. Go to "Settings" -> "Data Import" -> "Field mapping profiles"
      8. Find the Orders field mapping profile created above
      9. In the profile View, check the PO line limit value is (is it the original value, or the updated value? I see the original value, and maybe we can't update it to the new value until a user edits the field mapping profile)
      10. Click Actions/Edit
      11. Check the PO line limit value. It should be the updated value, not the original value
      12. Edit another field in the profile. e.g. select a value for "Purchase order status"
      13. Click "Save as profile & Close"

      Expected Results:

      1. Updated profile displays the current PO lines limit value from the Order settings
      2. Updated profile is saved with no error messages

      Actual Results:

      1. Updated profile does NOT display the current PO lines limit value from the Order settings (although sometimes it does; it seems inconsistent)
      2. Updated profile cannot be saved because the previous value for "Receiving workflow" has been erased by the system

      Additional Information: See attached video UIDATIMP-1348.mp4

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