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Autofocus does not work after pressing the save button on the mapping-profiles editing page



    • Folijet Sprint 142, Folijet Sprint 143
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    • Folijet
    • Morning Glory (R2 2022)
    • Interface dependency mismatch



      The user is logged with at least the following permissions:

      •   Settings (Data import): Can view, create, edit, and remove
      •   Organizations: View, edit, create

      The page for editing mapping-profiles is open

      Created a mapping-profilese with the following parameters:
      •   Name: Test EDIFACT field validation
      •   Incoming record type: EDIFACT invoice
      •   FOLIO record type: Invoice
      •   Invoice date: Select Today from the dropdown list
      •   Batch group: Select any value from the dropdown list
      •   Vendor invoice number: Type "12345"
      •   Vendor name: Click on Organization look-up, search for EBSCO, and select any value
      •   Payment method: Select any value from the dropdown list
      •   Currency: Select any value from the dropdown list
      •   Invoice line description: Type "test"
      •   Quantity: Type "1"
      •   Sub-total: Type "1"

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Click on the mapping-profiles from the precondition
      2. Click the Actions button->select the Edit
      3. For each of the following fields, assign the value "test" (in quotation marks)

      •   Acquisitions unit: type "main"
      •   Bill-to name
      •   Batch group: type "FOLIO"
      •   Invoice adjustment (Pro rate)
      •   Invoice adjustment (Relation to total)
      •   Payment method
      •   Currency 
      •   Invoice line adjustment (Relation to total)
      • And other fields with data validation

      4. Scroll to the bottom of the page
      5. Click the "Save as profile & Close" button

      Expected Results: The user autofocused on a field with an invalid value after clicking the "Save as profile & Close" button. Focus prioritization works from top to bottom.

      Actual Results: After clicking the "Save as profile & Close" button, autofocus does not work and the user's position on the page does not change.

      Note: Autofocus works for required fields like Name*, Invoice date, etc

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