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For the Data Import View all page, change from Load more to Paginated



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      Purpose: For the Data import "View all" screen, when there are more than 100 logs, change the "Load more" option to Pagination

      As a staff person working with Data Import logs
      When viewing a list of logs on the "View all" page, I want to have pagination instead of "Load more"
      So that the UI page does not get longer and longer, and less and less responsive


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Data Import View all screen, which shows 1 row per each import job
        • When there are more than 100 import jobs
        • Then replace the "Load more" button which appears at the end of the first 100 and each subsequent 100
        • With the UI Pagination option, shown in the attached Inventory results pagination.png screenshot
      2. Scenario 2
        • Given the pagination option
        • When the user presses Next or Previous, then display the Next 100 or Previous 100 import logs for the tenant, until reaching the beginning or end of the rows.
        • And do not display more than 100 rows in the UI at any time (which is different from the behavior of the "Load more" option)
        • NOTE Since the import logs are defaulted to backwards chronological order, the "Next" pagination would load logs that are older than the current ones being displayed. The "Previous" pagination would load logs that are newer than the current ones being displayed.
        • NOTE Will be difficult to test on folio-snapshot, since 100+ imports need to have happened. Will be easier to test on Bugfest. If trying to create many fast imports and separate logs, the fastest way is to use Inventory Single Record import, to create SRS MARC and Instances 1 at a time, or to upload 10 single record MARC files and then use the Default - Create SRS MARC Bib and Instances job profile

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