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Some issues with log searching in Bugfest/Smoke testing



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      Overview: The large number of logs in Juniper bugfest are helping to surface some issues with searching logs on the View all log page

      Current workaround: No easy one, but it's not urgent enough to hold the Juniper release

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Bugfest as abreaux/admin (originally noted in Juniper bugfest, but can also test in Kiwi, Lotus, Morning Glory bugfests)
      2. Go to the Data Import app
      3. Click on the View all button, to go to the complete list of logs
      4. Search by Job ID number
      5. Search by file name

      Expected Results:

      1. Any number search (Job ID search, or the Job ID in the Keyword search) should be an exact number search, not a "Begins" search
      2. Sorting: If multiple results, always default to most recent at top, and oldest at bottom (but allow re-sorting by column headers)

      Actual Results:

      1. Number search (courtesy of jackieg1107)
        • While the ID number searched does appear, it does NOT always display uniquely. I used the ID 364 and since there are IDs with 4 digits (i.e. 3647), all 364x results appear. The requirement says "log results to be limited to the searched term" and in the case of searching via the ID, the result is NOT always limited to the searched term.
        • ID = 364 = most recent to oldest so multiple results appear and have to scroll to find 364. Not desirable
        • ID= 364* = search doesn’t work with carot
        • ID= 364 with space at end DOES PRODUCE UNIQUE RESULT
        • ID= "364" = still multiple results
        • Keyword= 364 = most recent to oldest and includes all 364x so multiple results appear/not unique
        • Keyword= 364*= oldest to newest with the desired one appearing at the top
        • Keyword= "364" = No results found for ""364"" which illustrates that the keyword search automatically has hidden quotes around it but still doesn't produce a unique result
        • Keyword= 354 with space DOES NOT PRODUCE ANY RESULT
      2. Sorting
        • Sometimes defaults to oldest at top
        • Keyword search using file name = ordered oldest to most recent
        • File name search using file name= most recent to oldest

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