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Data Import Field Mapping Profile is not saved if there are quotation marks in the Note field



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      Overview: If using quotation marks in the Note field value in the Holdings Notes section when creating Data Import Field Mapping, then it is not saved

      Current workaround:

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log onto folio as User with permissions: Data Import: All permissions, Settings (Data import): Can view, create, edit, and remove
      2. Go to Settings/Data import/Field mapping profiles
      3. Create a new field mapping profile by clicking Actions/New field mapping profile
      4. Fill in details for the field mapping profile: Name: Whatever you like, Incoming record type: MARC Bibliographic, FOLIO record type: Holdings
      5. Scroll down to Holdings Notes
        For Select action, choose Add these to existing
        Click on Add holdings note
        Select a Note type from the dropdown list
        Fill in "test" (in quotation marks) in the Note field
        Select any option from the Staff only dropdown list
      6. Click Save as profile and close

      Expected Results: The profile is saved and added to the list of field mapping profiles

      Actual Results: The profile is not saved. The message "Non-MARC value must use quotation marks" is displayed next to the Note field.

      Additional Information: See attached video or screenshot

      Related test case: https://foliotest.testrail.io/index.php?/tests/view/984643

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