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Slow resolve to the uploaded files card when uploading a large file



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      Overview: If large files are uploaded, the progress bar gets to 100% quickly, but then the card does not resolve to the final uploaded card for a long time.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot as diku_admin
      2. Go to Data Import and upload a large file (ca. 100+ MB file)
      3. Wait for the uploading card to change into the finished uploading card

      Expected Results: Once the uploading progress bar reaches 100%, it should take a few seconds at most to see the finished uploading (with trash can) card

      Actual Results: What actually happened. Took a very long time - several minutes - so long that it looked totally stuck. When I tried to navigate away though, it displayed the file upload still in progress modal.

      Additional Information:See attached video

      Resolution: Lots of review and discussion in the comments below. Here's how we decided to resolve it:
      In the upload card with the progress bar:

      • When you get to 100%, keep the full progress bar and replace the 100% with working dots …. until it resolves
      • Then resolve to trash can card

      And OleksiiKuzminov will talk with Adam to see if there's a better way to synchronize the upload bar to what’s happening in Okapi, or maybe something that needs to be fixed in Okapi?

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