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File import of the specific file is not works for a user with only "data-import" permissions set (Lotus BF)



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      Overview: There is any of warning or error messages if the user tries to import a file using the default job profile

      Current workaround: use diku_admin user

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as data-import user (name: data-import, password: data-import)
      2. Go to the "Data-import" page
      3. Upload the attached MARC Bib file
      4. Select the "Default - Create instance and SRS MARC Bib" job profile and import the file
      5. Log out of folio-snapshot-load, and log back in as admin (name: diku_admin, password: admin)
      6. Go to the Data Import app and import the same file, with the same job profile

      NOTE For TestRail, only use the data-import user, not the diku_admin user

      Actual Results The import completes with errors using the data-import user, but completes fine using the diku_admin user. For the errored job, the Instance was discarded. Maybe an important permission is missing from the data-import user?

      Expected Results: A user with the data-import permission set should be able to import files

      Additional Information: file example is attached


      TestRail: Results


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