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Imported Invoice JSON log screen does not display



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    • R3 2021
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      Overview: When a user views the summary of an EDIFACT import log and clicks on a particular line, the invoice line JSON appears in a new tab. It seems to have broken recently.

      Current workaround: None

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings/Data Import/Field mapping profile
      3. Find the Default - GOBI monograph invoice profile and duplicate it
      4. Make the following changes on the duplicated profile:
        • Name: GOBI invoice
        • Remove the description
        • Batch group: Select FOLIO from the dropdown list
        • Lock total amount: change the mapping to MOA+86[2]
        • Vendor name: look up GOBI and assign it
        • Payment method: Select a value from the dropdown list
        • Save the profile
      5. Create a new Action profile:
        • Name: GOBI invoice
        • Action: Create
        • FOLIO record type: Invoice
        • Link the above field mapping profile to it
      6. Create a new Job profile
        • Name: GOBI invoice
        • Accepted data type: EDIFACT
        • Click the plus sign and add the action profile you just created
      7. Go to Data Import
      8. Upload the attached EDIFACT file EDIFACT_Firm_Invoice.edi and assign the job profile you just created
      9. Once imported, click the file name in the log
      10. Once the log summary opens, click on one of the rows to open the JSON tab

      Expected Results: New tab opens and JSON displays

      Actual Results: New tab opens, but JSON never resolves; just Loading and 3 dots

      Additional Information: See attached video and sample EDIFACT file to import

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