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Improve error handling for duplicating courses workflow in Courses app



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      Current situation or problem: The Courses app has an Actions workflow that allows you to duplicate courses so they can be used in subsequent academic terms, without removing the record of the other terms.

      This workflow can fail. One scenario where it can fail is if one of the items on reserve for the course in the current term was deleted after the item was added on reserve. Because there is no current dependency check between Inventory and Courses, the inventory item record can be deleted without impacting the reserve record.

      When this particular scenario happens, the error message is not exposed to the Courses user. They choose the course with the item where the Inventory record is gone; they choose duplicate; they choose "Create duplicate course(s)"; nothing happens. It isn't until you expose the API calls in developer tools that you see where the item copy API failed.

      So this feature is meant to capture the need to more cleanly show error messages in the user interface when this workflow fails.

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