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Patron notices do not fetch data like item barcode, etc.



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      Overview: We are testing the new Primary address tokens (for Hebis) but in the dev2 environment, we struggle to get not just the new tokens data in, but also all the very standard data like item barcode.

      Preconditions - circ rules is already set up, and the loan type is 1 hour loans, and the patron notice policy is checkout slip, and the patron notice template is Checkout Slip

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into dev2 as Id_admin user
      2. Check out to user with barcode 101010, any available item (e.g. material type book)

      Expected Results:
      Get the check out slip notification with all data in the form displayed

      Actual Results:
      See only the user barcode 101010, and the user first name and last name. All other data are not fetched.
      erkeling] - I changed the combined check in and check out slip to be only check out - that fixed one of the problems:

      -------- Forwarded Message --------
      Subject: Checkout slip
      Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2023 08:42:33 +0000
      From: devops@indexdata.com
      Reply-To: devops@indexdata.com
      To: charlotte@indexdata.com

      Checkout slip
      patron barcode: 101010
      item barcode:
      Due date:
      Due date with time:

      TESTING address fields
      Charlotte Whitt

      Primary Address Type:
      Primary Address Line1:
      Primary Address Line1:
      Primary City:
      Primary State/Region:
      Primary Zip Code:
      Primary Country:

      TESTING loan additional info (Patron info):

      Additional Information: Similar is happening in the dev1 environment, and in FOLIO Snapshot (see my comment to JulieBickle_LMU as of today)
      Interested parties: nielserik Janis Saldabols florianruckelshausen erkeling n.morgenstern

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