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Read/view patron notice template




      Purpose: Read/view for patron notices

      Context/Stories: As an administrator, I want to setup patron notices, including name, description, active/inactive status and email templates. Generally, notices include availability, courtesy, overdue and/or fee/fine notices as well as notices specific to other workflows, such as claims returned. All notices will be sent via email initially. SMS and Print are OUT OF SCOPE for this release, but these will be developed in a future release.

      This issue covers just create, edit and clone for notices, and not full CRUD or the triggering events, conditions and/or scheduling, which will be addressed through patron notice policies and circulation rules.

      All notice mockups are available here - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zNDRmeBiK6m1VU6OEU0STPlL7hN-YFxA. Attached mockups are relevant to this story.

      Note: wherever an accepted UI pattern already exists, such as the Save button at top right, that should be implemented.

      Scenario 1:

      • Given settings > circulation > patron notices > specific notice selected (i.e., On hold - available)
      • Allow administrator to view details about selected notice by clicking on the name of a specific notice
      • Displays as a fourth panel shown on the right with the following:
        • Close (X) icon on top left
        • Edit (pencil) icon on top right
        • Title of patron notice as pane header with down caret icon (to indicate additional actions available) shown in center of pane
        • Fields:
          • Name
          • Description
          • Category
          • Active
          • Email accordion for email template (see separate issue for details - UICIRC-74); SMS and Print are OUT OF SCOPE.

      Scenario 2: - Logging as separate bug issue - UICIRC-143.

      • Given settings > circulation > patron notices > specific notice selected (i.e., On hold - available) > pane header down caret clicked
      • Allow administrator to access additional actions for this notice, including Edit, Duplicate, and Delete (if custom notice)
      • Displays as dropdown from pane header with the following options
        • Duplicate
        • Edit
        • Delete (if it's not a pre-defined notice, otherwise, this is not an option)

      Mockup(s): 2a Patron notices - view and 2b Patron notices - view with actions dropdown

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