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Permission errors with ui-circulation.settings.notice-policies



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      Update 25 Jan 2022 by Julie: This is (what I consider) the original ticket, and it covers scenario #4 as listed below by Pavel Spichonak:

      When a user wants to access the patron notice policies, they can get an error message when the only permission they have is: ui-circulation.settings.notice-policies,
      because it also requires: circulation.rules.get
      --> circulation.rules.get  needs to be "added" to ui-circulation.settings.notice-policies


      Overview: For some reason, accessing Settings --> Circulation --> Patron notice policies requires the permission circulation.rules.get to view the list of notice polices, and then to view a specific policy, and then to edit that specific policy.

      The permission "ui-circulation.settings.notice-policies" does not have that permission, so if that's all your user has, you get an error message. The permission appears to work as expected otherwise, you just continually get the super annoying popups.

      Note that I see this error on Bugfest, I was unable to test it on Snapshot b/c I can't currently configure a test user on Snapshot - https://issues.folio.org/browse/MODPWD-76

      I'm going to pass the test b/c the permission does work, but this error message needs to get looked at.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into bugfest-kiwi as a user with only ui-circulation.settings.notice-policies assigned
      2. Go to Settings --> Circulation --> Notice Policies

      Expected Results: View, edit, create and delete notice policies.
      Actual Results: CRUD works but you receive continual annoying popups.
      Additional Information:
      Interested parties: JulieBickle_LMU

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