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Unable to delete fixed due date schedule with permission ui-circulation.settings.fixed-due-date-schedules



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      The permission Settings (Circ): Can create, edit and remove fixed due date schedules does not allow someone to remove fixed due date schedules unless that person also has permissions to edit circulation rules.

      Found on bugfest. 

      If you have a user who just has the permission ui-circulation.settings.fixed-due-date-schedules they are able to create due date schedules, and edit due date schedules, but they don't get the delete button:

      It appears from https://github.com/folio-org/ui-circulation/blob/master/src/settings/FixedDueDateSchedule/FixedDueDateScheduleForm.js#L175 that a FOLIO user must have permission ui-circulation.settings.circulation-rules in order to be able to delete a fixed due date schedule.

      I verified this by adding ui-circulation.settings.circulation-rules to my single permissioned user, and they were then able to see the delete button.

      I suspect the permission in the fixed due date schedule form is incorrect, and so fixing this would be pretty straightforward. 

      User story:

      The functions of managing fixed due date schedules and managing circulation rules can be assigned to different staff.

      As a user with permission to create and edit fixed due date schedules, I also need permission to delete fixed due date schedules without also having permission to create, edit and delete circulation rules.


      As a user with the permission Settings (Circ): Can create, edit and remove fixed due date schedules and without the permission Settings (Circ): Can create, edit and remove circulation rules

      When I choose edit Fixed due date schedules in Settings

      Expected result:

      Delete button is displayed and active at the bottom of the edit screen

      Actual result:

      Delete button is not displayed


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