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Circ Rules Editor Does Not Generate Space As Expected When Adding Criteria to Multiple Criteria Rule



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      Overview: When I am writing a rule that has multiple criteria to it (say, a patron group and a shelving location,) the location "helper" (not sure about the right word - but the box that pops up to help you pick the location and generate the code) does not properly put a space between the criteria letter and the location code.

      It's very finicky in general if you start a rule by picking values from a menu and then want to continue typing - you can't get "out" of the generated menu to add additional values. You essentially have to click away from the menu, and then start typing. So perhaps the issue is that the generated menus need to support adding criteria (e.g., maybe one of the values to add besides "new rule" should be "additional criteria", and that would add a + sign with appropriate spacing.) As it stands, the menus feel really creaky and finicky and I'd prefer to write rules without them entirely, even though that would mean looking up values and formatting them manually.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into a FOLIO fameflower environment with a user that has appropriate permissions to edit circulation rules.
      2. Go to Settings --> Circulation --> Circulation Rules
      3. Click in the editor window to write a new rule line.
      4. Add one criteria - say, "g faculty" for a patron group faculty.
      5. Click away from the selection menu to get it to disappear from the screen.
      6. type " + " (e.g., space + space) to add a new criteria
      7. type "s" to add a shelving criteria - the location code pop-up then appears
      8. select an institution, campus, library and shelving location
      9. click "Done" to insert the code

      Expected Results: The location code search inserts the code into the line with appropriate spacing so you end up with a rule that looks like
      g faculty + s DUKE>DUL>MUSIC>DUL-MUSIC-PMV

      Actual Results: The location code search inserts the code into the line without a space between the criteria indicator and the value, so you get a rule that looks like
      g faculty + sDUKE>DUL>MUSIC>DUL-MUSIC-PMV

      This then requires going back and fixing the spacing manually each time.

      Additional Information:
      Interested parties: cmalmbor

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