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Refine UX for patron notices - part 2



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      A known potential pitfall/UX issue with notices is that multiple loans/items are only supported by a few triggering events, and the display for multiple loans/items is defined in the notice template and the triggering event is defined in the notice policy. A template might not contain the multiple loans/items token {{#loans}}{{/loans}} and yet the triggering event is expecting to render multiples. It is further complicated by the many to many relationship between templates and triggering events, so theoretically (if not on purpose, then by mistake), a FOLIO operator might use the same template for check in and item renewed when writing a notice policy. And the real-time checkbox, which will be deprecated by UICIRC-454, adds further complexity. If a triggering event, such as check in or check out, is always sent as multiples, then there are errors and/or issues with the notices that are sent to users. See CIRC-719 for a list of incompatible settings and errors. In order to prevent most of these incompatibilities and resulting errors, the following scenarios are presented:

      Notice template changes:

      Scenario 1 - Add triggering events dropdown select to template edit/create

      • Given a notice template
      • When in edit or new mode
      • Then add a triggering events single select dropdown after category select dropdown as follows:
        • If loan category is selected, then triggering event options are:
          • Check in
          • Check out
          • Due date/time
          • Item renewed
          • Item recalled
          • Due date/time change
        • If loan category is selected, then triggering event options are:
          • Awaiting pickup
          • Page request
          • Hold request
          • Recall request
          • Cancel request
          • Hold shelf expiration
          • Request expiration
        • If automated fee/fine category is selected, then the triggering event options are:
          • Overdue fine, returned
          • Overdue fine, renewed

      Notice policy changes:

      Scenario 2 - Filter templates by triggering event

      • Given a notice policy
      • When in edit or new mode
      • And triggering event is selected by user
      • Then template select populates with templates that have matching triggering event
        • For example, if Check in is selected as triggering event, then all template select populates with templates that have a triggering event of Check in

      Scenario 3 - Rearrange notice policy setting options so that triggering event is selected first by FOLIO user/admin

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