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Circ Rules Editor - Add new policy types to 'fallback policy' section




      Note: This is the same as user story UICIRC-165, except this time we are adding the following three new loan policy types:

      • Overdue fines
      • Lost item fees
      • Loan limits

      Purpose: To expand the existing fallback policy section of the circulation rules editor to include the ability to express fallback policies for three new policy types. The appropriate fallback policies are chosen to complete a circulation rule when a specific policy for each type is not expressed directly by user-selection as the rule is created.

      Description: Recognize the prefix in the editor for fallback policies for each policy type:
      Loan policy: l (ell) <==exists
      Request policy: r <==exists
      Notice policy: n <==exists
      Overdue fine policy: o <==new
      Lost item policy: i <==new
      Loan limit policy: x <==new

      Thus, the fallback policy section for circulation rules would take the form of, e.g.,:
      fallback-policy: l does-not-circulate
      fallback-policy: r non-requestable
      fallback-policy: n general-non-circ
      fallback-policy: o basic-overdue-fine
      fallback-policy: i basic-lost-item
      fallback-policy: x loan-max-100

      Scenario 1

      Given the circulation rules editor
      When entering 'fallback-policy' (no quotes) in the appropriate section of the editor (following the priority settings) AND
      When typing a colon ':' OR
      When typing a space following a colon on the same line
      Then display the Circulation Rules Menu as described in UICIRC-353, UICIRC-341, UICIRC-352

      Note: this issue describes encoding in the editor only. Additional back-end story should include the ability to fetch the fallback-policies as appropriate to complete the encoding of a circulation rule with an omitted policy as the rules are stored on the back end.

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