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Tokens for request delivery slip



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      Purpose: When a request is routed for delivery (for example, to an instructors' office), a slip is often printed to tuck into the item so library staff know it is intended for delivery, to whom and where. Basic delivery staff slip is covered in UICIRC-316. The purpose of this story is to define the tokens that should be available for delivery slips.

      User story:
      As a circ staff worker who has checked in an item that needs to be routed for delivery
      I want to be able to include tokens in my delivery slip configurations
      So the slip can be dynamically populated with data related to the request (requester, delivery address etc)


      1. Scenario
        • Given Settings > Circulation > Staff slips
        • When Delivery slip is created or edited
        • Then the following tokens should be available when clicking on "{}":
          • Same as hold slip but REMOVE:
            • item.fromServicePoint
            • item.toServicePoint
            • request.ServicePointPickup
            • CB: Decided not to do this. It turns out that currently all staff slips have the same tokens, whether they make sense or not for the staff slip. They just don't populate with data when they don't make sense. My assumption is that, if the above tokens are used on a Request delivery slip, they will not populate (just as from and to service points don't populate when used on a Hold slip). dbranchini might want to consider making it possible to have a different set of tokens depending on the slip type in the future.
          • And ADD:
            • request.deliveryAddressType
            • requester.addressLine1
            • requester.addressLine2
            • requester.city
            • requester.stateProvRegion
            • requester.zipPostalCode
            • requester.country
            • CB: Note the actual token names are flexible and can be adjusted by the developers as long as the meaning will still be clear to the users.

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