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      To extend the functionality of the existing circulation rules editor to include the addition of Location in encoded circulation rules. Note that while the editor currently has an existing designated syntax (s) for this attribute, it is not yet fully functional in the system. The new attributes for Organizational Hierarchies (UICIRC-258) and Locations are used in conjunction with other patron and item-related attributes, as well as appropriate policies to create 'circulation rules'. As the system performs an action, such as an item checkout or recall request for an item, the appropriate circulation rule is chosen and the associated policy pertinent to the incoming query is retrievable. Organizational hierarchies are parent components of configured Locations in FOLIO. When a circulation event occurs related to an item in FOLIO, the circulation rules are queried to determine the most appropriate match giving the incoming patron and item details. The addition of organizational hierarchies and locations will allow for rules to be configured efficiently at the desired level, and have the rule be inherited by library collection items configured with appropriate child Locations to the parent hierarchy.

      *Note: This story is an extension of UICIRC-258. As noted above, Organizational Hierarchies are parents to Locations and the menu selections described in that story are meant to used in conjunction with Locations to allow the appropriate parent Organization, Campus and Library selections to be made to facilitate selection of the appropriate child Location.


      • Fully implement the location hierarchy such that:
        s - corresponds to a menu for the configured Locations list (Settings>Tenant>Location)

      When implementing, the menu should always default to the top level Institution list, but the specific value used should tell the editor how far down the tree to go. s for example, should allow for Institution>Campus>Library>Location. By defaulting to the top-level (i.e., Institution) for each selection, the user is ensured of selecting a lower level value that is contained appropriately within the hierarchy. This is done to avoid ambiguity that may be caused by location-related code values that may be unique within their specific hierarchy, but ambiguous if the specific hierarchical path was not used to make the appropriate selection.

      *Note: Location menu should include:

      • 'Type ahead' field to filter results by any string in [Code (Folio name)] string
      • Scrolling capability to select the desired value(s)
      • Check-boxes to allow for multi-select of Location values
      • Implementation of a ‘DONE’ button to trigger the interface that multi-select is complete and the selections are ready to load into the rules
      • Selections from the menu should allow the full view of [Code (Folio name)] string, but only write the code
        E.g., Menu: Location: DUK/WC/PER/PKEM2 (East Asian Collection Microforms Microfiche)
        Rule= s DUK-WC-PER-PKEM2
      • Note: Multiple selections should be possible from this menu so the editor needs to properly encode these into the circulation rules, e.g.,
        : Selection in the menu of:
        __Institution - ’DUK (Duke)’
        ____Campus - ‘WC (West Campus)’
        _______Library - ‘PER (Perkins)’
        ___________Location - ‘PER>PKEM2 (East Asian Collection Microforms Microfiche)’
        ___________Location - ‘PER>PKEM1 (East Asian Collection Microforms Microfilm)’
        : would generate the following in the Circulation Rules Editor:
        s PER-PKEM2 PER-PKEM1

        : where ’s’ is used to designate specific location(s)
        : where a space is used to separate multiple location values
        : where a dash has replaced the non-alpha-numeric character (>) from the Code fields of the Location Records (UICIRC-260)
        : where the location ‘FOLIO Name’ has been stripped from the rule encoding, leaving only the value from the Code field of the appropriate location records


      Scenario 1: Location selection

      • Given the circulation rule editor
      • When adding/editing a new circulation rule and
      • When editing the attributes section of the rule
      • When typing s following a space
      • Then display in the editor an expandable menu that contains the configured list of Institution Codes
      • When clicking on the desired Institution Code, e.g., DUK
      • Then display in the editor a menu that contains the configured list of Campus Codes (limited to those configured in FOLIO as children of the selected parent Institution)
      • When clicking any individual Campus Code entry, e.g., WC (DUK)
      • Then display in the editor a menu that contains the configured list of Library Codes (limited to those configured in FOLIO as children of the selected parent Campus)
      • When clicking any individual Library Code entry, e.g., PER (DUK-WC)
      • Then display in the editor a menu that contains the configured list of Location Codes (limited to those configured in FOLIO as children of the selected parent Library)
      • When selecting any individual Location via the select box next to the entry, e.g., PER-PKEM1 (East Asian Collection Microforms Microfiche)
      • Then toggle the select box to state <select=yes>; repeated as necessary to allow multiple selections
      • When clicking 'Done' in the menu
      • Then close the menu and the entry should appear in the editor on the rule line in the form:
        s PER-PKEM

        ; Note that the FOLIO name has been removed from the written rule

      **Note: when selected codes are written to the rule line, the editor should ensure that a space exists between the attribute syntax (a, b, c, s) and the chosen code, either as entered by the user or padded as part of installing the chosen code.

      ***Note: See attached menu wireframes

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