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Delete Fixed Due Date Schedules




      Purpose: To implement v1 deletion of Fixed Due Date Schedules.


      1. Scenario
        • Given the About section of the Fixed due date schedule detail page
        • When displayed
        • Then a delete button should display as shown in the wireframes
      2. Scenario
        • Given the Delete button/icon on the edit view of Fixed Due Date Schedule in Settings > Circulation
        • When clicked
        • Then a window will pop up asking user to confirm the deletion or cancel the deletion similar to the one shown in Delete Permission set_preview.png
          • Header: Delete fixed due date schedule?
          • Body: <ScheduleName> will be removed from fixed due date schedules.
          • Buttons: Cancel, Delete
      3. Scenario
        • Given the Delete button on the confirmation window
        • When clicked
        • Then:
          • The fixed due date set will be deleted
          • A confirmation will appear after the deletion has occurred reading, "The fixed due date schedule <scheduleName> was successfully deleted." Similar to the attached Permission set deleted success_preview.png
          • The user will be returned to the fixed due date schedule list
          • Deleted schedule should no longer appear in Loan policy menus
      4. Scenario
        • Given the Cancel button on the confirmation window
        • When clicked
        • Then the fixed due date schedule will not be deleted and the user will be returned to the edit Fixed due date schedule page
      5. Scenario
        • Given the fixed due date schedule is in use in one or more loan policy
        • When delete button is displayed
        • Then it should be inactive with rollover text reading "Schedule cannot be deleted when used by one or more loan policy"

      Wireframes and mockups:

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