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Add toggle for user initiated v. time based events to notices



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      Library staff (administrators) need to be able to setup and configure notice policies to define triggering events and when and how notices are sent. Each policy may contain one to many individual notices. There are two distinct types of triggering events, user initiated and time driven. Each notice has a set of possible fields and some are dependent on other fields' values and this issue adds the user initiated events (and their associated dependencies) to notice options.

      Attached visual is intended to provide clarification to the dependencies of various options, such as a user initiated versus time driven event, recurring versus one-time frequency, or upon/at the time of an event versus before or after.

      Scenario 1
      Given a notice policy
      When a FOLIO administrator clicks "Add Notice" button (at the bottom of any notices already defined/configured)
      Then display a notice container as follows:

      • Notice count at top left written as "Notice [n]"
      • Delete icon (trash can) at top right.
      • First option (which drives other dependencies) is a required radio with the following options:
        • User initiated event
          • Selected by default and related options are displayed. See UICIRC-200.
        • Time based event

      Scenario 2
      Given an individual notice within a notice policy
      When a FOLIO administrator clicks the delete icon (trash can)
      Then delete individual notice

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