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Refine list of tokens available for staff slip templates



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      Story: There are several tokens that are important for staff to be able to use on hold and transit slips. It allows them to better understand all the details regarding an item. For example, which item is supposed to be held or transited, where it's going, where it's coming from, who requested it, where they are expecting to pick it up, or when it's hold expires or the request expires.

      Context: Hold and transit slips have already been built in FOLIO. Hold slips are used to place a requested item on the hold shelf while they are awaiting pickup. Transit slips are used to either transit an item to its home location or its requested location. Paging request slips are a third type of slip that will be built soon - https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-1280, and they require the same list of tokens.

      List of tokens:

      token source placeholder text for preview if available now, what it's currently called Done
      staffSlip.Name stall slip Transit Staff slip name
      requester.firstName user/request James Requester first name
      requester.lastName user/request Smith Requester last name
      requester.middleName user/request Adam  
      requester.barcode user/request 456123789 Requester barcode
      item.title item The Wines of Italy Item title
      item.primaryContributor item Thomas, George B.  
      item.allContributors item Finney, Ross L.; Weir, Maurice D.  
      item.barcode item 31924001521792  
      item.callNumber item or holdings, most granular TK7871.15.F4 S67 1988 Item call number
      item.callNumberPrefix item or holdings, most granular New & Noteworthy  
      item.callNumberSuffix item or holdings, most granular Handbook  
      item.enumeration item no.1-3  
      item.volume item v.27  
      item.chronology item 1964-1967 (Board)  
      item.yearCaption item Convention photographs 1911-1960  
      item.materialType item Serial  
      item.loanType - UICIRC-300 item Course reserves  
      item.numberOfPieces - UICIRC-300 item 7  
      item.descriptionOfPieces item 7 maps in pocket  
      item.effectiveLocationInstitution calculated (item) Opentown University  
      item.effectiveLocationCampus calculated (item) South Campus  
      item.effectiveLocationLibrary calculated (item) Main Library  
      item.effectiveLocationSpecific calculated (item) Main Library Reserve  
      item.lastScannedServicePoint NOT available, moved to different story UICIRC-291 item? Circulation Desk - South Library  
      item.lastScannedDate NOT available, moved to different story UICIRC-291 item? Jun 15, 2019 10:00  
      item.fromServicePoint item? if not, perhaps the prefix (item.) for this token should be changed? Circulation Desk - South Library From service point
      item.toServicePoint item? if not, perhaps the prefix (item.) for this token should be changed? Circulation Desk - Main Library To service point
      request.servicePointPickup request Circulation Desk - Main Library  
      request.requestExpirationDate request Jun 30, 2020 23:59  
      request.holdShelfExpirationDate request Mar 31, 2020 23:59 Hold expiration
      request.requestID request 987321654 Request/transaction number

      A full list of tokens with more context is available via this Google document - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kP3jrlG4jxIAR-hRYCAGId6F875KC_-YZ7svxlRItU0/edit?usp=sharing.



      1. Scenario
        • Given edit mode for a Hold or Transit staff slip template (Settings > Circulation > Staff Slips)
        • When the curly braces icon (for inserting a new token) are clicked in the rich text editor
        • Then the tokens listed in the table above should be available via the insert token modal
          • See visual for order and layout
      2. Scenario
        • Given view mode or edit mode for a Hold or Transit staff slip template (Settings > Circulation > Staff Slips)
        • When preview is clicked
        • Then the placeholder text for preview listed in the table above should be displayed instead of the token label with curly braces
          • For example, Smith instead of {requester.lastName}
      3. Scenario
        • Given a scan event (check) with a prompt to print a Hold or Transit staff slip
        • When staff slip is printed (or previewed from print dialog)
        • Then the real values for each token for the specific item scanned should be printed on the slip (along with any other copy)

      Note: Closed UICIRC-257 and UICIRC-94 in order to collapse and consolidate requirements into one comprehensive UI story.

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