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Delete notice policy



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      Library staff (administrators) need to be able to setup and configure notice policies to define triggering events and conditions and utilize notice templates (UICIRC-86, UICIRC-85, UICIRC-87). All related mockups are available here - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1usWSfAebfPn6Z7CZE1Vya2gXnmKl3NTg.

      User Story
      A courtesy notice is sent to a user one day before their book is due to remind them of it's impending due date/time. Or reminders might be sent several times after a book is overdue to remind the patron that fees are being accrued. These stories represent how these notices are configured by library staff in terms of their logic, including triggering event and conditions, specifically these stories allow an administrator (library staff) to delete an existing notice policy.

      Scenario 1
      Given Settings > Circulation > Notice policies > Select specific notice policy (i.e., Long-term loan notice policy) (from VIEW or EDIT mode)
      Allow library staff (FOLIO administrator) to delete an existing notice policy by clicking on down caret or title in pane header for delete action
      Display modal to confirm allowing user to either cancel or delete, see below for details:
      Header: Delete patron notice policy
      Body: [name of policy] will be deleted.
      Buttons: Cancel (default) and Delete (primary)

      Scenario 2
      Given a modal to confirm delete of notice policy
      When FOLIO administrator clicks delete button
      Then patron notice policy is deleted and display returns to list of patron notice policies

      Scenario 3
      Given a modal to confirm delete of notice policy
      When FOLIO administrator clicks cancel button
      Then patron notice policy is NOT deleted and display remains the same (either the edit mode or the view mode, depending on where the user was)

      See dropdown in "4a Edit notice policy - long term" and "2 View notice policy"
      NO mockup for confirmation modal: See screenshot example from Users > Payment methods titled "Delete Confirmation Modal Example"

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