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      Library staff (administrators) need to be able to setup and configure notice policies to define triggering events and conditions and utilize notice templates (UICIRC-86, UICIRC-85, UICIRC-87). All related mockups are available here - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1usWSfAebfPn6Z7CZE1Vya2gXnmKl3NTg.

      User Story
      A courtesy notice is sent to a user one day before their book is due to remind them of it's impending due date/time. Or reminders might be sent several times after a book is overdue to remind the patron that fees are being accrued. This story allow an administrator (library staff) to view an existing notice policy in settings.

      Scenario 1 - View
      Given Settings > Circulation > Patron notice policies > Select specific notice policy (i.e., Long-term loan notice policy 1)
      Allow library staff (FOLIO administrator) to view details about a specific notice policy
      Display in fourth pane to right

      • Close icon (X) to left in pane header
      • Name of policy in center of pane header with down caret to right of name. If clicked, displays the following options as a dropdown:
        • Edit with icon (See UICIRC-98)
        • Duplicate with icon (OUT OF SCOPE, please ignore)
        • Delete with icon (See UICIRC-109)
      • Edit button with pencil icon to right in pane header ALTHOUGH, I received further clarification from Filip on this and it should be an Edit button with no icon. Do you prefer this be a separate story and/or bug?
      • General information as accordion section
        • Record last updated date/time
        • Policy name
        • Active as yes/no
        • Policy description
      • Loan notices (courtesy, overdue) as accordion section. If open, displays each notice shown within a separate box with form input/select labels and current values:
        • Template
        • Format
        • Frequency
        • Send Event (if frequency is one time) or Starting Send Event (if frequency is recurring)
        • Send Every (if frequency is recurring)
        • Send real-time as yes/no
        • See UICIRC-106 for specific fields and their dependencies. Follows same UI pattern found in Users > Addresses.

      Mockup: 2 View notice policy

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